Mod. PLD100S

Mod. PLD100S

PLD100S is a volumetric rotary piston dry type water meter, composite materials housing, hermetically sealed dry type register, magnetic transmisson, optimum accuracy with very low starting flow rate, guaranteeing working temperature up to 50°C for cold water in size from 15mm-20mm with flow rates between 10l/h and 5m³/h.
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Performance Characteristics Performance confirms to
  • Volumetric rotary piston type, dry type register with magnetic transmission.
  • Hermetically sealed register, protected against external magnetic interference. 
  • Optimum accuracy with very low starting flow rate.
  • Long-life, low maintenance operation.
  • Performance well at all times and in any postition.
  • Composite materials housing and durable tamper proof construction.
  • Maximum working temperature of 50oC.
  • Maximum working pressure of 1.60Mpa.
  • ISO4064(Class): Class C, Class D.
  • ISO4064(Q3/Q1): R160, R200, R250

Technical Data
Nominal diameter inch 1/2" 3/4"
Nominal diameter mm 15 20
Measuring principle Volumetric Rotary Piston Water Meter
Housing materials Composite materials
Register Dry type register 
Measuring range(Q3/Q1) R 160/200/250 160/200/250
Overload flow rate(Q4) m3/h 3.125 5
Permanent flow rate(Q3) m3/h 2.5 4
Transitional flow rate(Q2) l/h 25/20/16 40/32/25.6
Minimum flow rate(Q1) l/h 15.625/12.5/10 25/20/16
Maximum pressure loss(△P) bar 0.63 0.63

Temperature class

Working termperature range




Maximum reading

m3 99999.99995
Minimum reading m3 0.00005
Maximum operation pressure(MAP) bar


Working pressure range bar 0.3-16
Working position H/V

Maximum permissible error(MPE)




Additional optionals

Copper alloy housing

Non-return valve

AMR technology

With pulse output (reed) for remote readout.

With modulator disc for non-reactive scanning for radio.

Catalog Volumetric Water Meters
Installations Volumetric Water Meters


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