Brief Introduction

Keyline Meter is a manufacturer and supplier specializing water meters, thermal energy meters and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) solutions. With several years’ development, Keyline Meter has earned an international reputation as a leader in the development and manufacture of flow management solutions. Its products are used to measure and control the flow of liquids, including drinking water, irrigation water, waste water and energy.

  • Products, Systems and Solutions

Keyline Meter serves the global flow measurement market with products for water utilities, industrial and commercial markets including drinking water meter, irrigation water meter, waste water meter, energy meter and AMR solutions. The product range includes turbine (velocity) type single and multi-jet water meters with mechanical or magnetic transmission, Woltmann meters, irrigation meters, flow meters and thermal energy meters with direct reading or complete with integrated modules for the remote transmission of the consumption data.

Keyline Meter is able to meet the requirements of its customers starting from the design phase until the complete realization of the meter. All meters possess approval certificates in the most restrictive of the ISO 4064 regulations

  • Mission

Keyline Meter builds long-term value for its investors, employees and customers by providing efficient flow management solutions that encourage responsible use of sustainable resources that drive customer success.

  • Guiding Principles

Keyline Meter has and will always operate under three basic, worldwide guiding principles: ethical conduct, satisfactory from our customer and managing for the long-term.

  • Future Outlook

Keyline Meter’s commitment to improvement and innovation starts with the company’s mission to provide its customers with the most efficient flow management solutions that encourage conservation, manage valuable resources and maximize customer revenues. That commitment is built into each product and service offered to our customers.

Keyline Meter continues to invest in research and development. Its commitment to quality and innovation enterprise-wide includes products and services, manufacturing methods and operating systems designed to improve customer service, provide greater management information and reduce costs. The commitment to continuous improvement provides Keyline Meter with opportunities to control costs and improve service. At Keyline Meter integrity drives its relationship with employees, vendors, customers and ultimately with the communities in which it does business.