Production Process

Keyline Meter has been giving great care to the best quality of each meter to be manufactured, and here, we have a full set of standardized production process for each meter and our service, including Products Design and Engineering, Forging and Casting, Mechanical Machining, Plastic Injection, Mechanisms Assembling, Meter Assembling, Metrological Verification, Quality Control and Products Shipment.


    Products Design and Engineering

    A long experience combined with the most modern technique for researching, developing and calculating, is the basis for manufacturing meters with an unique technology and design.

  • Forging and Casting/Mechanical Machining

    Keyline Smart Meter have their own meter body casting and mechanical machining department.
    Here, different dimensions meter body from client is on optional.


    Plastic Injection/Mechanism Assembling

    Keyline Smart Meter have been successful world-wide also because of our accurate designing and engineering of each meter.
    Here, special metering drawings from client is on optional.

  • Meter Assembling  

    Metrological Verification  

    Strict metrological verification, including appearance inspection, continuous pressure inspection, precise flow rate inspection, magnetic influence inspection etc. ensures precise accuracy and wonderful quality of each meter.


    Quality Control

    Strictly quality control has been given to each meter before delivery, including physics lab, appearance inspection, Automatic Detection System for water meter, continuous endurance test bench, discontinuous test bench, hot meter simulation test machine etc.