Prepaid Water System

Prepaid Water System

This prepaid managing system is designed for water management in water companies, office-industrial complex or residential quarters, with automatic meter reading, automatic meter charging, automatic statistic and automatic analysis. In this system technical data in the meter can be recorded, restored, queried and analyzed.
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The consumer firstly should parepay for the water at the administrative office before they consume the water, then the technical data is stored and recorded in the user card. When the consumer consume the water, they only need to insert the IC card into or swipe the RF card upon the reading zone of the prepaid water meter, and the electronic valve in the meter will automatically open and the water flows till there is no balance in the user cad. After the consumer prepay for the water again then the valve will open. All technical data in the meter and in the card will be automatically recorded and stored in this system, and also can be quired, statistice and analyzed.



  • Prepay firstly, then consume the water;
  • Multi-tier water pricing mechanism;
  • One card one meter/one card several meters;
  • Mechanism reading and LCD reading;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Steady;
  • Working life is not less than 5 years.



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